BodyPump 86 Playlist & Review

It’s been 3 months already?! Usually I’m ready for the new BP release, but this one snuck up on me. I’m guessing you all won’t see it until mid-summer in your clubs. Here is a sneak peak. If you aren’t a BP fan & could care less, you might at least get some work-out tunes below.

Bodypump FAFP

You’ve got Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, AND P!nk. That’s a whole lotta female pop for one release.

Like usual I am posting Youtube videos of the songs. I have a quick review of the music & sneak peak of the work for each track.

1. Warm-Up “I Cry” Flo Rida

Song: Fun, upbeat song. I liked last release’s warm-up song better though!

Work: Standard warm-up. Nothing new here.

2. Squats “In the Clear” Six60

Song: Starts really slow and the overall beat is slower than normal. BP claims it is dubstep? I don’t know about that.

Work: WHAT?! 6 and a 1/2 minutes! Longest squat work-out ever. You have bottom halves X 8. I probably don’t need to remind you: that will not feel good.

3. Chest “Your Body” Christina Aquilera

Song: I actually like this song a lot, I hadn’t heard it before. Does that make me super out of the current music loop? I think it’s going to be a fun one to teach :) Don’t let your kids watch this music video, or listen to the lyrics for that matter…

Work: New move guys! You use a bar for classic chest press OR 2 heavy weights for a chest fly! You get a break half way through, which makes your last couple of sets feel tough.

4. BackĀ “Campione 2012″ DJ Flow

Couldn’t find a video that was anything close to this song, sorry!

Song: I feel like I’m at a European soccer game. Which reminds me I want to go to a pro game soon. Does Beckham still play for the LA Galaxy? Did he ever? I may have just made that up.

Work: You have a new move (which will help with your form a lot) and a lot of different combinations. You won’t get bored.

5. Triceps “50 Ways to Say Good-bye” Train

Song: Unless I’m really confused, I never would have thought this song was by Train. Maybe I’m just thinking of another band or something. The beat is really fast so better hope you don’t have a lot of singles.

Work: No new moves. No bar. A lot of dips! Yay. You all hate dips therefore I love using them :) Oh, and it’s a looong triceps song.

6. Biceps “Dark Side” Kelly Clarkson

Song: A lot of contrast in the music which is fun with all of the different tempos. Did I tell you my friend was in a Kelly Clarkson video (not this one)?

Work: Short & sweet. I’m not sure how hard it will feel yet. It might be a trickster.

7. Lunges “Don’t You Worry Child” Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin

Song: It’s the original! This song was played a lot on my marathon play list so it has a special spot in my heart. I actually remember listening to it at about mile 24 when I was seriously questioning my lack of judgement in signing up for a marathon. I was also thinking about how good a Diet Coke would taste. I would have pulled out a sweaty $20 bill from my sports bra for a Diet Coke in that moment of weakness. Hopefully no one would have accepted said $20 bill. That’s gross.

Work: Sort of a new move, nothing complicated. More squats than lunges, not sure how I feel about that. I really like lunges, for how effective they are, not how much they hurt.

8. Shoulders “We’ll Be Coming Back”

Couldn’t find a video that sounded anything close to the BP version, guess you’ll have to be surprised.

Song: Hmm, a little intense but I think it works with the shoulder work-out well.

Work: 2 sets. Good luck. 2 sets means 2 very long sets.

9. Core “She’s So Mean” Matchbox 20

Song: A little more power than normal core tracks, nice change.

Work: New move, a bridge move. I don’t think this one will hurt as much as the last core release.

10. Cool-down “Try” P!nk

Song: I always joke with my class that I really want to know if P!nk has ever done a BP class because one of her song’s is in practically every release!

Work: No work. No new stretches. Short & simple.

What’s your favorite or least favorite muscle group to work-out?

Do you like going to group classes or doing your own thing?

9 thoughts on “BodyPump 86 Playlist & Review

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  2. Melina

    Thanks for tracks review and the songs. I like this release greatly. The tracklist makes time flies so fast and suddenly class is over. It makes me want to lift much heavier.

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  4. Jose

    Actually I think this new pump is kind of sucky. Most songs are pretty generic/bland. Biceps song is depressing, in lunges track you do almost everything else besides a tiny bit of lunges. Sincerely, it’s disappointing. Sorry for being so negative, really

  5. Katharina

    Tha Campione song is originally by a Swedish guy called E-Type so check him out on Youtube (no access at work so no links – sorry!)


  6. Jay bhatt

    Cheers for this track list. The shoulder track (Track 8) you mentioned “We’ll be coming back” is by Upon Havoc.

    Yes unfortunately, there is no music video for this but it is easily the best shoulder track I’ve ever heard.


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